Are You Ready to Make a Difference?
If you can’t donate monetarily, you can donate your time. Partner with Beach Bum CARES Inc. on your next vacation.

By partnering with
Beach Bum CARES Inc. you can participate in an experience bigger than yourself giving you a new outlook on life. Before going on vacation, simply contact Beach Bum CARES, and they will arrange an opportunity to deliver aid, relief, and/or educational supplies to a local school or organization in need of assistance at your destination. By providing this much needed aid, you will change someone’s life as well as your own. Beach Bum CARES Inc. will arrange all transportation and meetings with the organization.

Take time to think about your next vacation and what you can do to help. The world becomes smaller each day, and it is our responsibility to help those in need. Together we can give children a better and more optimistic start in life.

To volunteer, please email us directly at to schedule a date and time.

Every effort will be made to accomodate your first preferred date and time.

*Donating your time while on vacation is on a volunteer basis only and much appreciated. In no way is your vacation or any portion thereof tax exempt, claimable, a write off, or any other form of a tax deduction.

“Punta Cana is a very poor country but their children are lively and it was so thrilling to meet them and share with them the school supplies we brought."

Help us raise funds to provide aid, relief and/or educational supplies to our partner schools or organizations. You can make a secure donation via Paypal.

BeachBumCARES • 317-586-2220 •